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Jamie & Jamie; Part 1
Me: Blue October.
Jamie: Black Veil Brides.
Me: Blue October...!
Jamie: Black Veil Brides...!
Me: Blue October...
Jamie: Black Veil Brides...
Jamie: WTF? Well, Ludo is the answer to everything.
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Yayz! No More Oil Spill! :D

But wait! If the cap pops, they’ll be an even bigger spill from an area too big to cap! Oh wait, that’s terrible! I hope it works, because I like swimming in the ocean. I live in Florida, btw. Mehhhh….

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How To Tell The Difference Between Geeks and Nerds.
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What’s 10 things you can’t stand?

1. Homophobic people

2. People who know they can dance and rub it into everyone’s faces.

3. Sadie Hawkins dances. :/

4. Hot, bright and sunny days. And in Florida, we get a lot of those.

5. Hypocrites.

6. Flame wars.

7. Candy Sweethearts. I swear to GAWD, they are chalk.

8. When my hair itches right after I get it done.

9. When people treat you differently just because of the fact that you happen to be dating a member of the same gender as you…

10. Tiny toy/purse dogs. Those things get on my bitchin’ nerves.

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Zoom I got my hair done, I look like an anime character when I put colors in it.

I got my hair done, I look like an anime character when I put colors in it.

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The Fray’s cover of Kanye West’s Heartless. And I don’t usually like covers, but I know both songs well. Kanye’s version is kind of like “Damn girl, you can’t be with one man for your life.” While The Fray’s is like “I guess this couldn’t be, huh?” I like the subtle difference while having the same message.

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Day 5 - Dreams

Dear dreams, 

I hate you for making me think the impossible is real! But at the same time, I love you for that same reason. I keep dreaming of things I’ll never acheive, guys I’ll never be with, and if not anywhere but in my dreams, I thank you.


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Day 4 - To My Sister(s)

Dear sisters, 

I love you guys, no matter the difference of blood or personality. That’s all.


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Day 3 - To Momma.

Mother dear,

I love you more than anything right now. I know it might not seem that way, I know I don’t say it enough, but it’s truuue~! I have no option but to love you. You gave me life, you clothe and feed me, and care about my well-being mostly. Hell, you even get me what I want if I ask for it at the right time! Just…Be careful. I want you around for as long as humanly possible. Alright?


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Day 2 - My crush…

Dear -Name Withheld-

I would have given anything, anything, for you to notice me. Sure, we might have known each other, but I wanted to be YOUR bestie, maybe it wouldn’t have been so… awkward. I hope you have lots of fun with -Current Girlfriend-, she’s a real fly chick. But I want you to know that I liked you lots, but that’s regardless. Even if underneath your asshole-ish exterior you were a fly dude, you still would have found a way to let me down gently because you would be secretly embarrassed to be seen with me. I understand. Really.


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